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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sex Blog Addition

I read several blogs, many of which aren't listed on the sidebar here because they don't fit neatly in to one category or the other. But one which I have added (along with finally getting around to changing the name of Sam's site) is that of Steve the Mildly Unwell Bastard.

If you've got reservations about getting addicted to yet another blog, just go and read
this entry. Okay, it might be hotter to a woman, but ... well, like I mentioned to him when we chatted last night, it's practically an orgasm in a website. And that's another thing -- he's very cool to talk to. I realized we think alike in quite a few things and we could've talked longer than we did.

Too bad I don't have any naked pictures to send him.

Oh! And to make this post even further palatable to the ladies,
ErosBlog is running a "Top Cock" of the week, picking from entries that her readers send in. While I have little to no interest in receiving such mail (sorry!), it's been interesting to go look.

As to that... wellllll... just imagine standing behind them. And looking at all those tight bums. Mmmmm-hmmmm.