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Friday, February 11, 2005

Just a Lil Update

I'm still around, anxiously waiting for pitchers and catchers to report.

I've got a little entry-type thing I'm working on that'll be up... sometime before next Tuesday's Redhead.

It's been a slow few weeks for me, and I think I'm about all storied out. I've debated writing fictional erotica just for the hell of it, to get the site through the rest of the off-season, so some of that might possibly -- and I mean there's a very slim chance of it -- be coming up.

I'd also like to arrange for 'guest' bloggers (preferably female, but males are welcome) if anyone's interested. Sex or Sox, or both, whichever floats your boat -- my email address is in the sidebar.

I get quite a few visitors from search engines, which makes me giggle. "Knee high schoolgirls" (I pray that was related to socks and not midgets) has been popular lately, as has "Red Sox hairstyles" (please tell me some Korean team isn't copy-catting them), and "" (WTF, if you can go to a search engine, you can type that in the address bar). I've also gotten people here for "freetime sex", "toronto anal prostitute", and "red sox nightgown" (to whoever's mom was looking for that one, I am profusely sorry that you ended up on the antique-nightgown-vampire entry).

Oh, and, if anyone's not seen it yet, or at least not lately, here's the fairly unimpressive -- yet inspiring! --
Fenway webcam.