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Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh, Yes We Do!

So, I was talking to a fella from one of the games I play, regarding a post I made on the game boards about 'playing' sports... basically I completely turned the playing into a sexual thing. He IMs me:

Baseball-Playing Friend (11:07:01 PM): We do NOT make baseball a game watched for purely sexual reasons!

Baseball-Playing Friend (11:07:09 PM): Or any percentage of the reason at all!

Baseball-Playing Friend (11:07:11 PM): *scolds!*

Baseball-Playing Friend (11:07:20 PM): Baseball is watched for the game and not the pants. *scolds more!*

Baseball-Playing Friend (11:07:23 PM): Entirely!

Me on AIM (11:16:02 PM): *laughs!*

Me on AIM (11:17:37 PM): Perhaps, dear, that is your way of looking at it... but I have an entiiiiiiirely different view :-)

Baseball-Playing Friend(11:17:49 PM): I know!

Baseball-Playing Friend(11:17:54 PM): *sprays with water bottle*

Baseball-Playing Friend(11:17:56 PM): Wrong!

Me on AIM (11:23:06 PM): Ahh... alas for my policy of not getting personal with people from the games :-)

Baseball-Playing Friend(11:23:16 PM): Oi? *peers*

Me on AIM (11:24:06 PM): Baseball and sexuality are two things I can talk about for hours, as I run a website dedicated to the subjects... but... suffice to say you could spray me with a water bottle for days... or dump a waterfall on my head... and I would just raspberry ya :-P

... Oh, sweet boy, all I would need to do is give you this website. Or, all you would need to do is use Google wisely!