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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Everyone in the Boston sports blogosphere, at least my little corner of it, is writing about football. Now, I have been avoiding commenting on this sport, because it's not my forte, and I don't particularly like going along with the crowd, but I also am in desperate need of an update, so, here tis:

I like football. It's a fun, gritty sport that I enjoy playing, even though I always got my ass kicked when we played it in high school (for some reason, the boys were very aggressive towards me, though it might have had to do with the fact that I verbally castrated them everytime they looked cross-wise at me). However, I'm not attached to it -- at all -- and I don't feel any sense of loyalty towards any given team. If football's on the television and I've nothing better to do, I'll watch it, but it doesn't matter who is playing, or what the standings are ... I watch it to watch a game.

This is in stark contrast to my feelings about baseball, which I love. Well, okay, maybe I don't really love baseball, but I love the Red Sox, and I am attached to them. With ten major players on the roster at a time and 168+ games a season, I don't really have a choice.

But football? There's what, 19 games max in a season? And there's three different groups on a given team? How the hell do you get attached to all those men in such a short amount of time? One game a week, less if there's a bye? It just doesn't add up to me.

Maybe if I were in Boston, and surrounded by football fever, I'd feel it. I dunno. I mean, I'll still go to a Super Bowl party, should we be invited to one, and I'll still cheer on the Patriots, because I luv New England sports (I don't love New England as a whole; I hate the cold goddamned weather, even if I love the landscape -- no, this doesn't explain me living in Canada). But if it were any team other than the Patriots there against the Eagles, I'd cheer just as whole-heartedly for one of them.

So... someone explain?