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Friday, December 10, 2004

Even I Don't Want To Be Hit On Sometimes.

Once upon a time, I was in college, in the Canadian city I inhabit. There's a difference between 'college' and 'university' up here, much moreso than in the States: If I were to say, in Connecticut, "Yeah, she's in college." "Oh, where?" "UConn," then there wouldn't be an issue. But up here, if someone were going to York University and I said they were in college, the person would act like I'd just eaten my boogers in front of them. "I'm in university," they would say.

Anyhow. I was in college.

College is more like a technical/trade school. I was taking the woefully underfunded (isn't that always the case?) Arts & Sciences two-year program that basically was taken so I could transfer over to York.

There was this guy in my classes -- he was in his mid to late 30s -- that decided I was just the best thing since sliced bread. For some reason, guys that age that I spend any amount of time around determine the same, and I've become a sexual goal for several of them. This one was no different. One day I was handing out some stuff for a Student Union project I was working on, and it had my school email address on it. Next class, I get this note from him (I blurred out his phone number and the city he's in):

Um. Hello. Creepy as fuck. Note the little devil tail at the end of "play".

Less than a week later -- I kid you not -- he has this breakdown in the middle of a test and starts grunting and rocking his chair back and forth against the wall, banging it. The professor asks to talk with him in the hallway -- which, lucky for us voyeuristic and curious students, is separated from us only by glass-paned walls. The old dude proceeds to start screaming and cringing and flailing his arms around, explaining something to the professor. The girls in class (who had all seen the note) started asking me if I'd e-mailed or called him or had any idea what was going on, which I hadn't and didn't.

The dude disappeared the next day, and I've not seen him since.

Fuckin' psycho.