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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"And F**K you Schott, you cheap s** of a b***."

So I was fairly shocked to realize that the Oakland A's have traded two of their three big name pitchers -- that is, Mulder and Hudson, leaving Zito, along with four "untested" pitchers, as their starting rotation. It kinda makes me feel better about ours... and wonder what their fans are thinking.

Which led me to this (horribly set-up)
A's forum, where, just like we're all familiar with, you've got the gut-reaction howlers and the supportive Pollyannas. At least, that was how simply I'd classified them (I'd be one pissed off fan if something like that were to happen to us; heck, I'm pissed enough about how many players we've lost off our WORLD CHAMPION team) -- until I read this article.

And I thought, "You know... what Beane's saying is precisely what I can hear Theo saying," then, "We're lucky to have such a huge damned payroll," followed by, "God, Theo's really hawt."

I always liked that picture of him playing guitar.