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My passions: Sex and the Boston Red Sox!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pierce My Body The Way You Did My Heart Years Past

My weekend? It's been alright. No sex, though we had every intention of fucking like animals last night until I got cranky (goddammit) and went to bed early (though I told him if he wanted to wake me up he was more than welcome to). Today's been one of those days where you wish you'd never gotten out of bed, even though it's had sterling moments -- like waking up at 11:25 and rushing to get ready and out of the door to meet family for lunch at 12:00.

Also, no baseball. Though I am wearing a Red Sox t-shirt I stole from my little brother like five years ago. I love the way it fits, it's cute as hell... because it's not totally fitted the way babydoll t-shirts are, but rather it's fitted at the sleeves and around the bust, then loose and natural around the stomach.

Oh, here's something I just thought of, speaking of baseball and stomachs. I have a belly ring that I absolutely loathe -- it's just blah and simple, silver with a little black stone clasping it. It's the one it got pierced with, years ago. I want a 14k gold one (I have sensitive skin and this one gets irritated rather more often than is comfortable... with, of course, the note that "never" is the only time comfortable) with interchangeable Red Sox player #s, including the retired ones, that dangles from the TOP... maybe with a pretty little red sock charm attached to the top that the number would hang off.

Red Sox body piercings :) Niche market, but I bet you they'd do awesome!!