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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My RPG idea

Me on AIM (10:44:56 PM): they should make a red sox RPG

Me on AIM (10:45:02 PM): where you can sleep with all the players you want

Me on AIM (10:45:08 PM): it'd be like the sims but better

Not-Gay Friend (10:45:26 PM): I hope they allow gay sex. I'd so be in

Me on AIM (10:45:32 PM): and you can reenact throwing zimmer around

Me on AIM (10:45:36 PM): and beat up on steinbrenner

Not-Gay Friend (10:45:51 PM): Did you hear Pedro might be a Yankee next season?

Me on AIM (10:45:54 PM): fuck that shit

Me on AIM (10:45:56 PM): growls

Not-Gay Friend (10:45:57 PM): lol

Me on AIM (10:46:17 PM): and in my red sox rpg you could sleep with the players wives/girlfriends/hot female acquaintances too

Me on AIM (10:46:25 PM): it would rock :-)

Not-Gay Friend (10:46:52 PM): Sounds like pay to play porn.Why dont I just go buy a dvd?

Not-Gay Friend (10:47:00 PM): Or better yet

Not-Gay Friend (10:47:05 PM): Get it for free off the net?

Not-Gay Friend (10:47:13 PM): ;p

Me on AIM (10:47:17 PM): because it'd be the red sox :-)

Not-Gay Friend (10:47:49 PM): Just cut/paste little red sox jerseys on naked people

Not-Gay Friend (10:47:51 PM): Same thing