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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bugger Steiney!

I will not be bothered by the thought of Pedro in pinstripes.

I will not be bothered by the thought of Varitek in pinstripes.

I will not be bothered by the thought of never knowing how Minty's bare butt feels in my hand.

I will, however, continue to bemoan all three things and shake my fists at the baseball gods. I understand you've given us the greatest gift ever (I mean, it only took a fuggin' lunar eclipse) but must you make it taste so sour?

I think we all just want to hold those guys tight and squeeze them, and love them. Savour them. They're Our Team, moreso than they've ever been. Jack Daniels before the game? Shit, Captain Morgan and I were playing tonsil hockey throughout several games. I can identify. Manny tripping and falling and failing to make an important catch? Dude, if that'd been me, I woulda broken my knee and knocked out a few teeth, too: I'm pretty clumsy. Mueller making three errors in one game? We all have shitty days where nothing goes our way.

The Red Sox proved to us this season that they're just a bunch of guys (I hate the term 'idiots') out playing a game they love... and it's that down-to-Earth attitude coupled with a rugged individuality that didn't sacrifice team unity that's made us all empathize with and care for them so much.

Of course, a new trophy didn't hurt.