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Friday, October 15, 2004

We Love Hair, Not Baseball!

Good grief. I'm so over hearing about the Red Sox hairstyles. There's a link to an article on the GODDAMNED FRONT PAGE of that's all about the boys' hairdos. Okay. Whoever the hell the weirdo out there is that cares so much about these baseball players' hair, could you please stop? It's really quite disturbing. None of us care that much. We really, really don't. Pedro could have a curly ponytail that fell down to his ass and as long as he could still pitch, I'm fine.

Besides, anyone that doesn't appreciate the beauty that is Johnny Damon's thick, dark, glossy, Native American hair is just lying to themselves.

Mmmmm... !

Concensus on the Surviving Grady thread devoted to "dress up" (gosh, it's like playing with dolls) seems to be that JD should be a pirate. I agree. A pirate, wearing a kilt. And nothing else but a tricorne.