Sex & Sox

My passions: Sex and the Boston Red Sox!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Sensual Massage

The Sox game is rained out *groans* so I decided to do some "rainy night" reading. I've been wanting to learn a bit more about massage... since the man always appreciates massages. With the way he groans and his eyelids kinda flutter when I rub his feet, I think I'm doing well there. With this in mind, I decided to visit (which this week features a very non-sexual image of a large naked woman on the front page) and read the guide to erotic massage. "Perpetual Penetration" is a winner in my house and I'd suggest it to anyone!

I'm really feeling like I'm going to go stir-crazy waiting for Game 3. God, I don't want to wait; I just want it to happen. Tomorrow I have to pick up a two liter bottle of Pepsi and mix it up with some rum; I think I'm going to need it.