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Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm on Mint's side!

Well, since there's no game news to talk about (which could, in and of itself, be a good thing, though God knows I'm desperately anticipating tonight's game), I thought this was worth note: An article on the relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Doug Mientkiewicz. I remember hearing someone referring to the fact that they'd played sports together in high school, but hadn't realized that it wasn't just ANY sports teams: the football team was excellent and the baseball team, national champions.

So tell me this, now: Those shots of Doug on the FOX broadcasts, where he's gazing longingly at the field... don't they mean so much more now? What must it feel like, to be part of something that's so much in the public eye and yet remain in the background, watching your high school buddy be in the limelight? It's kind of one of those "so close, yet so far away" feelings, which I'm certain blows.

C'mon Tito, give him a chance. Put him out there. I don't care if it's the seventh inning and you can bet your ass he doesn't either. He just wants to play.