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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Albert Who-Holes?

What a weekend! Could we possibly have asked for more?

We're up 3-0. In the World Series. The Boston Red Sox.

With that said, and with my delight understood, I have this to add:

It's not as exciting as I thought it would be.

It hasn't been a challenge thus far, and while I fully expect the Cardinals to come out fighting and fiery tonight, I expect our boys to play eighty-six times as ferociously as they have. I don't think that the history we just wrote will repeat itself against us; while I'm certain that would be "poetic justice" in the mind of Yankees fans, it would be unnecessarily cruel to anyone with a heart. It's not that I don't want this World Series win; I do. I want a fucking dynasty. I want a win for those people who have been living and breathing this team for longer than I have -- I only became a rabid fan last year, though I've loved them for longer than that.

I've been embarrassed by our errors, and amazed when we won despite them. I've been cheering when we capitalized on the Cardinals's errors (Suppan, nuff said), but I've sympathized deep in the pit of my stomach with the blank-faced fans sitting in the stands staring with disbelief at the field.

I feel for the enemy. God help me, but I do. I love our team and I bleed for them, and I want desperately to see a fourth win for us in this Series, but I really and honestly do wish this were more pleasant for the St. Louis fans to be watching. Not so pleasant that Red Sox Nation is moping, mind you.

Just... not like this.

We've held their offense down and we've broken through the weak points of their defense. Tonight, I want to see a battle. I don't want to see us handed the game on a golden platter by Edmonds wearing a French maid costume. I don't want to see Rolen bend over at the plate, smiling, and hand Tek the lube. I don't want to see the Cardinals win, but I want to see them battle.

I want intensity. I want this to feel like a World Series.

Side note: I'm not reading any blogs or visiting any Red Sox fan sites (including Simmons!) until this Series is over. It's a suspicion: I didn't do it while I was gone, and we won three games. Hopefully, this means I'll be back on them tomorrow.